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A quick question: What do you do every day? Of course, a lot of things. But I can tell one thing, you search on Google almost every day (if not every day). Am I right?

Now, if you are a Linux user (which I’m guessing you are) here’s another question: wouldn’t it be nice if you can Google without even leaving the terminal? Without even firing up a Browser window?

If you are a *nix enthusiast and also one of those people who just love the view of the terminal, I know your answer is – Yes. And I think, the rest of you will also like the nifty little tool I’m going to introduce today. It’s called Googler!

Googler: Google in your Linux terminal

Googler is a straightforward command-line utility for Google-ing right from your terminal window. Googler mainly supports three types of Google Searches:

Google Search: Simple Google searching, equivalent to searching on Google homepage.
Google News Search: Google searching for News, equivalent to searching on Google News.
Google Site Search: Google searching for results from a specific site.
Googler shows the search results with the title, URL and page excerpt. The search results can be opened directly in the browser with only a couple of keystrokes.

Googler Interface
Installation on Ubuntu

Let’s go through the installation process first.

At first make sure you have python version 3.3 or later using this command:

python3 –version
If not, upgrade it. Googler requires python 3.3+ for running.

Though Googler is yet not available through package repository on Ubuntu, we can easily install it from the GitHub repository. All we have to do is run the following commands:

cd /tmp
git clone https://github.com/jarun/googler.git
cd googler
sudo make install
cd auto-completion/bash/
sudo cp googler-completion.bash /etc/bash_completion.d/
And that’s it. Googler is installed along with command autocompletion feature.

Features & Basic Usage

If we go through all its features, Googler is actually quite powerful a tool. Some of the main features are:

Interactive Interface: Run the following command in terminal:
The interactive interface will be opened. The developer of Googler, Arun Prakash Jana calls it the omniprompt. You can enter ? for available commands on omniprompt.

Googler OmniPrompt Help
From the omniprompt, enter any search phrases to initiate the search. You can then enter n or p to navigate next or previous page of search results.

To open any search result in a browser window, just enter the index number of that result. Or you can open the search page itself by entering o .

News Search: If you want to search News, start googler with the N optional argument:
googler -N
The subsequent omniprompt will fetch results from Google News.

Site Search: If you want to search pages from a specific site, run googler with w {domain} argument:
googler -w itsfoss.com
The subsequent omniprompt with fetch results only from It’s FOSS blog!

Manual Page: Run the following command for Googler manual page equipped with various examples:
man googler
Google country/domain specific search:
googler -c in “hello world”
The above example command will open search results from Google’s Indian domain (in for India).

Filter search results by duration and language preference.
Google search keywords support, such as: site:example.com or filetype:pdf etc.
HTTPS proxy support.
Shell commands autocomplete.
Disable automatic spelling correction.
There are much more. You can twist Googler to suit your needs.

Googler can also be integrated with a text-based browser ( like – elinks, links, lynx, w3m etc.), so that you wouldn’t even need to leave the terminal for browsing web pages. The instructions can be found on the GitHub project page of Googler.

If you want a graphical demonstration of Googler’s various features, feel free to check the terminal recording attached to the GitHub project page : jarun/googler v2.7 quick demo.

Thoughts on Googler?

Though Googler might not feel necessary or desired to everybody, for someone who doesn’t want to open the browser just for searching on google or simply want to spend as much as time possible on the terminal window, it is a great tool indeed. What do you think?

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by Newest

1:55 pmMarch 26, 2017
It was a simple and useful tutorial. Thank you!

6:38 pmJanuary 3, 2017
Shashank Shrivastava
Hi, Thanks for sharing. Does it helps in searching news archive, i.e., i want to find news within specific dates and

10:06 pmSeptember 20, 2016
Biplab Roy
roy@roy-pc:/tmp/googler/auto-completion/bash$ googler -c in “hello world”
[ERROR] Connection blocked due to unusual activity.
getting this error in deepin 15.3
Any suggestions please.

11:08 pmSeptember 16, 2016
Keith Horowitz (Keith A. Horowitz)
Neat! Reminds me a lot of the early, early days of the web when it was pretty much all text-based and we used Lynx to browse the sites.

7:34 pmSeptember 16, 2016
Mus Deoranje
wah ini apa ya, bingung saya maksud nya gimana :O

6:35 amSeptember 27, 2016
Wahyu Tama
Google search cuma via konsole ( terminal )

4:30 pmSeptember 16, 2016
It’s a cool idea and all but who doesn’t already have a browser open? Besides to get real information you would have to open the browser anyway even with this. Something like google now for terminal, that actually answers your queries, would be more awesome.

10:14 amSeptember 17, 2016
Hi scikick, this is Arun, the maintainer of googler.
I came across the unmaintained and defunct piece of software while searching for something to help me google on a remote server. I liked it and made it work again with other contributors. googler works like a charm with text based web browsers also. Speaking of the use case, yes, no one would like to open a terminal to google. However, many users find googler very useful when used with a drop-down/live terminal like AltYo (my personal favourite) or tilde. They maintain the current working state. You just press a key to show the terminal and do whatever you want.
Moving on, googler can fetch n results in a go or skip the first n results. Time limiting a search is much more flexible than the google web interface. You can also use a proxy. Set up some aliases for site searching and you’ll notice how easy it is to look up for an item on Amazon with the alias `buy` or the latest movie on IMDB with `see`.

7:30 amSeptember 16, 2016
I have problem when using googler: Failed to connect to http://www.google.com: [Errno 22] Invalid argument
Any one help me, Please!

4:26 pmSeptember 16, 2016
Can you please raise an issue on the project page? We may need some details of your setup to take this forward.

12:31 pmSeptember 17, 2016
Youngchan je
I am using win10 bash and having same problem

6:10 pmSeptember 17, 2016
Please raise a bug on the project page.

6:35 pmSeptember 15, 2016
It was a simple and useful tutorial. Thank you!

5:52 pmSeptember 15, 2016
finally google is trying to know what i am doing in terminal?

9:45 amSeptember 18, 2016
Hi Irudayaraj,
googler doesn’t send any additional information to google than your browser. In addition, googler has an option to use your trusted proxy.

11:33 pmSeptember 15, 2016
Abhishek Prakash
Ha ha!! That’s one way to look at it 😛

3:31 pmSeptember 15, 2016
Cool! I am still working on my command line skills but still this will be going on my machine.

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